4th Grade Teachers
Celebrate Texas History Month 2015 with the Texas Quiz Show

4th Grade Teachers: Your students can now participate in the Texas Quiz Show! Encourage your students to watch the Texas Quiz Show footage online, study the Handbook of Texas and the Texas Almanac and create their own questions. Seven lucky student winners will have their questions read during the Texas Quiz Show State Championship in Austin. Click here for an interactive lesson plan to help introduce the Texas Quiz Show in your classroom.

To submit a question, visit our 4th Grade Students page.


Middle School Teachers: Teachers, you make the Texas Quiz Show happen. You are the ones who run the competitions in your classrooms, organize the school wide championships, and lead your teams to the state finals. Teachers are just as much a part of the winning team as the students and winning teachers get to enjoy prizes as well.

To learn how to organize the Texas Quiz Show at your school, see the Instruction Booklet.

Please note: there will be a one time fee of $25 to receive the Texas Quiz Show In A Box, materials needed to facilitate the classroom and school level rounds. There are no additional regional or state fees.

Registration for 2015 will open on September 1, 2014

If your school already participates in the Texas Quiz Show, here are some ways to make the Texas Quiz Show experience even more enjoyable:

  • As a class assignment, have each child make up five questions from your Texas history textbook, bring them into class and quiz each other.
  • Visit your local library or historical association and see if each of your students can come up with five questions from the materials they discovered in their visit.
  • Encourage your students to celebrate their own Texas history by bringing in a family photo or a photo from a magazine and telling the story behind it.

If you would like to share your discoveries with the Texas Quiz Show, please contact Steve Cure at SteveCure@TSHAonline.org.

If your school does not yet participate in the Texas Quiz Show, and you would like to lead the effort in your particular school, please contact Kate Hopfer at KateHopfer@tshaonline.org.


The Stevenson Middle School Texas Quiz Show team

Stevenson Middle School won the 2010 Texas Quiz Show
with the help of their dedicated sponsor